AHI team member Mitch Messer talks to ACTA about the power of consumer involvement

September 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Adaptive Health Intelligence team member Mitch Messer has spoken to ACTA in a new video about consumer involvement in research.

Mitch is an experienced and long time consumer advocate in research, having previously served as chair of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and Executive Director of Cystic Fibrosis WA. Mitch has been involved in our team since 2017 where he began work as the consumer advisor for the BEAT CF project. Having lived with cystic fibrosis, Mitch was able to help our team by giving his lived experience. Mitch helped us to set up 3 dedicated consumer reference groups for BEAT CF and currently oversees the consumer involvement strategy for the project.

Mitch’s involvement in our research has been invaluable; he has helped us to create a bridge between us as researchers and the CF community. The BEAT CF community reference groups, including Mitch, have helped us to prepare our ethics application, advised us on the best way to implement the study and have given us insight into how we can reduce the burden for people participating in research. All of these things have made BEAT CF stronger and have also ensured that the CF community has a voice in how research is designed, implemented and communicated.

To learn more about Mitch’s involvement in BEAT CF, please watch the video below.


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